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Being a good or great restaurant in today’s economy is not enough, being great or even excellent still won’t get you the desired results. In this video, I will share to you my insights on what it takes and why you have to become the best restaurant.

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I’m so excited to kick off this three video series that I’m calling what it takes to be the best restaurant. Here’s part one. Those of you who have been following me for a while and have watched a lot of my videos and maybe own some of my training programs are going to be a little familiar with this concept of good, great, excellent and the best. You might have heard me say mastery (instead of the best) those two words to me are sort of the same.  

Why we need to be the best:

Here’s an unfortunate truth, we live in an economy that I like to call the expectation economy. In this expectation economy your customer has the highest expectations they have ever had. Not only are their expectations set high as far as quality, service standards, decor but we are also the laziest we’ve ever been. We’re working harder than we’ve ever worked and we’re busier than we’ve ever been. So you combine these high expectations with all of these demands and it’s really really hard to please a customer in today’s economy.

So unfortunately the truth of the matter is that you, me, all of us are being rewarded one step below our effort or our product. If you run a good solid restaurant with solid staff and solid food, an all-around good restaurant, you’re likely getting poor results. Poor results in the way of freedom, the stress level you’re carrying and in the money that you’re you’re paying yourself & your staff.

Right now you’re not being rewarded at the level of effort and the level of execution that is being achieved because that’s just the market that we live in.

It’s TRUE if you were a good restaurant ten years ago you were getting better results than you are today for being the exact same good restaurant so if you want good results you have to be a great restaurant (because we get rewarded one step below).  So great restaurants are getting good results and excellent restaurants get great results.

So how do you get excellent results, how do you get everything you have dreamed of in the restaurant business.  Well good, great and excellent won’t do it, you have to be the BEST.  You have have to truly master the restaurant business.

Final Thoughts:

I just wanted to open up your eyes to the unfortunate realities of the expectation economy that we live in and how you’re being rewarded one step below your effort or your results.

In the video next week, I’m going to share with you how to become the best.  There are four strategies that you could choose to deploy in your restaurant to become the best.

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