Most restaurant POS systems are going to measure your check average, but the number you’re much more interested in seeing is the per person average.  Let’s say you serve 100 people in a day.  Your check average could be $33 but your per person average might be $11.  

You start running into problems when you have someone pop over to order for their entire office or you have a table booked for a large party.  Now, your check average is going to be skewed higher…

When you monitor the price per person average you have something actionable you can work with.  

Action Item:

Set a goal to increase your per person average by .10 cents or $10 (depending on your restaurant).   Then identify EXACTLY HOW you are going to do this.  Will it be with more beverages, specialty beverages, more shareable appetizers, adding avocado to entrees, don’t assume your staff knows how to do this, show them.  Now set up a way to measure it everyday and watch your profits grow.

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