In today’s social media driven world, the pressure to be “perfect” is greater than ever. We’ve even created new vernacular like “Pinterest worthy.” Our strive to reach perfection has fawned new business and lined the pockets of many. But at what cost?

As a society we know use the term too lightly, and truly, almost nothing is 100% perfect. And, in my opinion, this is a good thing. We should learn to admire the beauty in the imperfect. We should use our goal of perfection as a journey to bettering ourselves. This could mean countless hours on the driving range tweaking your swing, or it could mean continuing to hone your restaurant processes to see better returns.

You see, neither of those examples will ever be perfect. They can be really, really good. And they will always need adjusting to make them even better.

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Action Step:

Rather than focusing on the end game, focus on the journey. Enjoy the experience, the moments, and the trip you take as you chase perfection. This is what makes the journey worth taking.



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