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There are leaks in your restaurant and it’s costing you time and money. It’s important to recognize these leaks and fix them.

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There’s something leaking in your restaurant and it’s costing you time and money I want to help you fix that today.

In your restaurant  there are leaks all over the place. It’s an outdated website, menu, pricing, poor posts on social media, not treating your staff as well as you could, not having the proper tools for promotions in place, not having the right bonuses, not having the right structure in place and so your great talent is leaving you and going somewhere else.

We’ve just turned a blind eye to them and said we’ll get to it soon one day. I want that day to be today for you, I want you to look at every leak in your restaurant and fix it right now.

The first step is to recognize and accept that there are leaks in your business and they are actually costing you time and money. The second thing to do is to create a list of all of those leaks and prioritize them in some kind of order so you have something to refer back to and start knocking them off your list. The third and most important step in this process is to refuse to ignore the leaks anymore.

I hope you enjoyed today’s training and I look forward to bringing you another training video next we have a wonderful day!

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