3 Reasons No One Wants To Work in Restaurants

The difference between dreams and goals is bigger than you think. But the path to achieving both may not be as big as you think.

But that’s not the only problem. Who’s really at fault here? The workers? The restaurant owners? I’ll tell you what I think in the video and show you how you can take quick action now to make changes so you can start attracting the kind of talent in your restaurant that you need.

Must See Video Highlights:

– 1:18 – This is the big economy killer to watch out for
– 2:52 – Problem #1: no one wants to work for you
– 3:25 – Problem #2: you can’t pay enough
– 4:00 – The gig economy and how those opportunities are making it harder for you to find team members.
– 4:41 – 2 things you can do right now if you can’t pay more for your labor
– 6:05 – The way people are dining is changing. If you are afraid of change, it will put you out of business.
– 7:40 – What to do when you don’t know HOW to change
– 9:30 – You can’t wait to make changes – speed is essential
– 10:54 – How my clients have made some easy changes to make a big difference in their restaurants


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