How I Became The Restaurant Boss

I was a great chef, but it wasn’t until I opened 4 restaurants in a year that I realized that I sucked at operating restaurants.

Half a million dollars raised. I was days away from getting married and signing the lease to open my dream restaurant. It was gone in an instant. This is my story from how I became interested in cooking, why I became a chef and the immense amount of stress and overwhelm I had as I opened 4 restaurants in a year before I walked away from it to help ensure no other restaurant ever went through the same problems I did.

Must See Video Highlights:

– 1:29 – Where did my love of food come from?
– 2:37 – The first time I ever considered being a chef (thanks dad!)
– 4:10 – I actually turned down a trip to Europe to keep cooking
– 5:30 – I was burning out in my early 20’s – walked away from the industry
– 6:24 – My path to opening my own restaurant and how I lost everything
– 7:40 – My wife found me curled up on the floor days before our wedding
– 9:07 – Trying to get my mojo back
– 10:00 – I opened 4 restaurants in less than a year
– 10:58 – Making a deal with the devil
– 11:30 – I realized I was a good chef but terrible at running a restaurant.
– 12:20 – The night that changed everything. We couldn’t even call the ambulance.
– 14:18 – I hired a coach, learned how to be a leader, manage my time and how to manage people
– 15:30 – My big leap of faith and why I knew I had to teach others
– 18:25 – I had to completely BS my way through my first consultant meeting
– 20:00 – Why I fell in love with consulting.
– 21:35 – Some of my proudest moments working with restaurants
– 25:30 – The hardest thing I’ve ever taken on … building an actual airplane


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