The Truth About Restaurant Food and Labor Costs

I’ve lost track of the number of people who have complained that restaurant financials are too hard to understand and figure out. Make no mistake – they are right, but who cares?

That shouldn’t be the one thing that keeps you from being successful in your restaurant. You don’t have to be a numbers magician to make good decisions – you just have to know the basics.

Can you give your business 5 minutes a day? Can you find a POS report that tells you your sales and labor?

Then you have enough information at your fingertips to make better decisions about your restaurant.

Just like Sharon.

Sharon is a clickBACON user that was running a Prime Cost of 90%. Within 4 months of using clickBACON, she dropped that to 52%.

If you are not familiar with prime, 60% is the number we use a baseline for profitability… more than 60% its hard to make money, under 60%, you are in the top 10% of restaurant operators in the world.

You don’t need to be a numbers expert to run a successful restaurant. You just need a basic understanding of the key financial data and 5 minutes a day to drag and drop your reports into clickBACON.

Armed with our real-time dashboard, you can make decisions that will improve your bottom line just like Sharon did when she increased her profits by nearly 40% in just 4 months.

Must See Video Highlights:

0:55 – how you can handle all of your restaurant financials in about 5 minutes a day
2:10 – the 3 reasons that your financials are taking too long
3:30 – you don’t have to cost recipes or take inventory – just enter these 3 numbers daily
4:40 – what’s more important than understanding your basic numbers
5:23 – This restaurant spent 5 minutes a day and dropped their prime cost from 92% – 52% in 4 months
6:32 – 4 options to manage your restaurant financials
8:35 – what to do when you feel like your restaurant is running you instead of you running your business


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