I see you.  You’re going through the motions every day, entering numbers into quickbooks, clocking in and clocking out, getting through the day and putting out fires.  

But are you proud of what you’re doing?  Are you proud of what happens in your restaurant – the food that goes out, your employees, how your staff treats each other, the community and your guests; are you proud of the taxes that you pay, the charities that you donate to; are you proud of how people look at you?

If you are not over the moon beaming with joy about the contributions that your business team make to your customers, vendors, your family, community and each other, then you are never, ever going to put in 100% of yourself into your restaurant.

Action Item:

Sit down with your entire staff and come up with 2 or 3 things that fall under that less-than-100% proud feeling and gather ideas on how you can work on it.

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