I love how hard the restaurant business is. If it was easy, everyone would be succeeding at it. But it’s hard! There is an enormous amount of failure because it’s hard, but that gives you a huge advantage if you are willing to do the work!

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Today I want to talk to you about a concept that’s called Digging In and I’ll explain more in a second.

Hey everybody my name is Ryan Gromfin and I’m an author, speaker, chef, restaurateur and I’m the founder of as well as

This video is about something that I call Digging In.  I’m going to explain Digging In here, and what I mean by that.  It’s about putting everything you have into it.

Most people just don’t put in the work. You know, the restaurant business is tough. We know the restaurant business is hard. But honestly that’s what I love about the restaurant business.

The Restaurant Business is Hard

I love how hard it is. Because if it was easy? Everyone would be succeeding at it. But because it’s hard? There is an enormous amount of failure—and why is there that large amount of failure? It’s because people don’t put in the work. They don’t Dig In—they don’t stay as late as they have to. They don’t get into it. I’m talking about the details, the nitty-gritty, not just like oh I stayed late and I worked hard today. But I mean like digging in!

I love that the restaurant business is hard. You should love the restaurant business is hard. Because you can have a huge advantage over everyone else. If you just dig in a little bit more. Do a little bit more of the work. Get a little better at your finances. Get a little better customer service. Serve a little better food. Stay that extra hour. Do whatever it takes.


If there’s something in your restaurant business that you’re not happy with right now? It’s because you haven’t dug into it. If you don’t like the finances. If you’re not making enough money? Dig in! If you don’t like the food coming out of your kitchen? Dig in! If you don’t like the customer service of the reviews that you’re getting online? DIG IN! If you don’t like the way that that servers are treating each other, or the quality of food that you’re getting from a vendor; or anything… If there is anything in your restaurant that you don’t love right now—that you don’t think is as good as it could be. That you don’t think is the best! It’s only for one reason.

The reason is only that you haven’t dug in…

Your Next Step

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