“Your biggest problem is that you think you should not have them.” – Tony Robbins

Everyone, and I mean everyone, encounters some kind of problem on a daily basis. It might not be huge, Earth shattering, business destroying problems, but problems none the less. Stop thinking that they’re only happening to you, and let’s be realistic – let’s stop thinking that they’re ever going to stop popping up.

The difference between people who handle problems well and those who don’t lies in the question that they ask themselves, because these problems are never going away for anyone – you just have to learn how to deal with them faster, more efficiently, and with a hell of a lot less stress.

Stop asking “Why does this keep happening to me?” and start asking “How can I handle this?”

Action STEP

If you want a better answer, start asking yourself better questions. Think of one problem that you’ve had in the last week and try to think of the ways you could have handled it better so you’re ready for the next time it happens.

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