I love this quote, but often it’s meaning isn’t 100% apparent right off the bat. Let me explain.

Employee performance. It’s probably one of the most sensitive topics for any business owner. How do you properly measure and incentivize employee performance? Do it wrong and your employee turnover is through the roof. Do it right and you have an employee who is there for the long haul.

In my years of experience, I have found that most restaurant owners don’t have a good way (if any at all) of measuring employee performance. Yet they wonder why their employees aren’t living up to their standards. It’s hard to live up to somebody’s expectations when you don’t know what they expect.

But imagine the difference in employee morale and retention if the restaurant owner had a clear and well-defined measurement, reward, and promotion system. I promise your employees will step up to the plate, pun intended, and not only meet, but exceed, expectations.

Action Step:

It’s easy to jump to conclusions and blame employees when things go wrong. But before you go crazy and fire your employee(s), double check your systems and procedures for hiring, training and reviewing performance. You have more control over these employees than you think you do, so please start adopting a mindset of changing SYSTEMS instead of blaming employees.  

Need help with creating new systems or want to double check that yours are sound? Check out this blog post – there are tons of resources at the bottom of the post.



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