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I talk about customer service and guest expectations a lot, and for a good reason – it’s vital to the success of your restaurant business. Today, I am sharing my #1 tips for exceeding guests’ expectations. Watch the video…

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Last week I talked a lot about what defines great restaurant customer service and we concluded that it comes from doing one thing really well – exceeding your guests’ expectations. Today I’m teaching you my #1 tip on how to successfully do this.

My number one tip:

You only have to exceed your guests expectations by 1%, but the only way to do this is to first know what your guests expectations are. We’re not going to go into the details/specifics about exceeding expectations; rather I’m going to teach you my number one tip for exceeding their expectations, and that is – consistency.

I know you’re thinking, well Ryan, that’s obvious…you have to be consistent. But, let’s get very serious here. Your guests’ number one expectation is that their experience is exactly the same or better than last time they were there. If they had a big portion of french fries the last time they were at your restaurant, they expect a big portion today. If it was fast last time they visited, they expect it to be also fast today. If their steak was cooked perfectly last time, they expect it to be cooked perfectly today, If the restaurant was loud, obnoxious, fun, or whatever, that’s what they expect today.

You can do everything you want to try to impress your guests, but if you are not consistent you never will. If you don’t provide your guests the exact same standard for everything you do, or maybe the same but with some improvements, you’re probably wasting money on marketing.

It’s possible you’re stressing out about all of the wrong things: your food costs, your labor costs, etc. If you are not consistent, you are not even starting to exceed your guests expectations, and everything else you do will be for nothing.

Summing it up:

You must exceed your guests’ expectations on every visit, and the best way to exceed their expectations is to be incredibly consistent. I guaranty that most of your competition can’t do this.

I know this seems a little simple, but please take this message seriously. I hope you enjoyed this week’s video and I look forward to bringing you another one just like this next week, have a wonderful day.

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