How to Eliminate Hope & Pray from Your Marketing Strategy

Most restaurants HOPE their customers had a great time and PRAY they’ll remember to come back. Today’s Out of the Weeds guest, Matt Plapp, is on a mission to change that!

Have you ever wondered why your marketing isn’t working? You’re not getting enough people through your doors or they aren’t coming back as often as you like despite your best efforts. Today, we are going to change that!

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Not -to-miss video highlights:

4:12: 600-800 more people is all it takes to drive sales up
6:08: Nothing’s changed when it comes to marketing
7:45: The old-school guys had it right!
9:45 – Marketing that doesn’t suck
10:58 – $10 off vs FREE steak. Which would you want?
12:50 – The numbers prove FREE works
15:45 – 25-30% increase in opt-ins. Say what?!
16:30 – Finally, what’s up with the growler!
19:15 – How can you get people to stop and take action?
23:42 – Introduce people to offers vs coupons
27:29 – Do you understand where customers come from?


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