Escaping restaurant burnout: How this restaurant owner found success again

In today’s Out of the Weeds, Ryan talks shop with Will Cholewinski, owner of Chubbfather’s in Alabama. Warning: this video will inspire you to do more, do better, and start adding life to your days.

Will was burned out — just south of miserable as he describes it — and ready to close shop when he was introduced to Ryan. Learn how he was able to accept his mistakes, find inspiration again, and open his second location.

Must See Video Highlights:

  • 6:09: Own your mistakes.
  • 10:25: Be unique, be fun, be different!
  • 11:40: Will drops his secret to success.
  • 12:58: Stop adding days to your life, start adding life to your days!
  • 21:06: If you’re cutting costs, you’re already out of business!
  • 25:45: People see failure; I see try.
  • 31:25: Put yourself 100% into it and go for it!
  • 36:22: What can restaurants learn from Nick Sabin?
  • 42:00: If you have the BALLS to lead, people will follow!
  • 48:30: I dare you: Ask your guests if you’re exceeding their expectations?
  • 54:31: Learn how you can help Feed The People