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Answering the phone properly is a crucial to the success of your restaurant and your staff. if it’s not done properly you’re gonna lose out on some potential business. In this week’s video I will share with you the perfect script.

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Today I’m gonna teach you how to make sure your staff is answering the phone properly every single time.  This is one of the easiest and simplest things you can do to set the culture in your restaurant. I can’t tell you how many times I call restaurants and I get a “Hello can I help you?” or “This is X restaurant can I help you?”.

Teach your staff this script:

There is a simple script that you must train your staff to use every single time they answer the phone, EVERY SINGLE TIME. Roleplay with them before they are allowed to answer the phone.  You can’t just go over the script with them once or twice then assume they know it. When you hire a new staff member who might have the responsibility of answering the phone, sit down at a table with them and practice.

It sounds crazy but it’s the first contact with a customer who is probably calling to get a reservation, ask questions about your menu or to book a party and if this phone call doesn’t go well you’re gonna lose out on that business.

It’s as simple as this:

“Thank you for calling <X Bistro> my name is <Ryan> how may I help you?” with a big smile on your face, or “Thank you for calling <X Bistro> my name is <Ryan> can you please hold?”. Now if your staff is gonna ask someone to hold it’s perfectly acceptable but wait for them to say yes, don’t just say please hold and then put them on hold.

If you ever call your restaurant and your staff does not answer the call like this, correct them right there, right then on the phone.  I would even tell them I am calling back and ask them to answer it properly this time.

Final Thoughts:

Please teach your staff this script, make sure they’re answering the phone – remember big smiles on their face.  Make sure you do this today…not tomorrow, but TODAY!

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