Is this the Best BBQ in the
Texas Hill Country?

Why do people wait in line for hours at a restaurant that has not changed in nearly 80 years?  Let’s go inside and find out.

Louie Mueller Barbeque has been a Texas institution since 1946. And guess what—nothing has changed! Today, I am giving you an inside peek into this incredible restaurant that is only open Wednesday to Saturday and signals their opening and closing each day with a Texas flag that flies outside their store.

  • (0:48) – They signal their opening and closing with a Texas flag, this place has no hours.
  • (1:48) – There is 100 years of smoke on the walls.
  • (3:26) – It’s the same smoker since day 1, maybe even the same butcher block
  • (4:48) – Check out the Hoshizaki!
  • (5:31) – Modern-day QSR barbeque restaurants vs old-school, family-run Central Texas BBQ restaurants
  • (6:48) – Check out their current menu that is written on butcher paper and taped up with blue tape!
  • (7:48) – The big takeaway