It should come as no surprise when I tell you that without satisfied, loyal customers you will never have a successful business. I talk about customer expectations a lot because it’s so important.

I want to take this thought a step further to say that your customers should never just be satisfied; their expectations should always be exceeded. You only have to exceed your guests’ expectations by 1%, but the only way to do this is to first know what your guests’ expectations are. I share my #1 tip for exceeding guests’ expectations here.

How are you going to go above and beyond?

Get consistent! If you’re guests’ know they are going to get a perfectly cooked steak at your restaurant, then make sure this happens EVERY SINGLE TIME they visit your establishment. If your restaurant is known for their crispy fries, then make sure that’s what they get EVERY SINGLE TIME. You will be rewarded with loyal customers who bring friends and leave glowing reviews.



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