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Restaurant employee turnover will happen no matter what – that’s just a plain fact. Here are my Top 3 strategies for preventing it from happening so often!

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Restaurant employee turnover is the subject of many of my phone calls and questions. Today, I’m going to teach you how to prevent or lower the turnover in your restaurant.

What’s interesting about employee turnover is it’s going happen no matter what. We work in the restaurant business, and it’s a very transient industry. A lot of people are using this industry because of its flexibility to further their careers or their education, and you know what that’s fine. You will find true professionals who are in the business for the long term, but for the most part it’s a transient industry.

Tips on preventing employee turnover

My biggest tip for preventing restaurant employee turnover actually has nothing to do with prevention. It has to do with just accepting it. Are there things you can do to prevent turnover? Absolutely! Here are my 3 top tips:

  1. Have a rock-solid hiring and onboarding process. Put together a process/system where we can bring an average employee or someone who doesn’t have a lot of restaurant experience up to speed as fast and cheaply as possible with the exact skill set that you need.
  2. Have a great training coaching and leadership process.
  3. Have an amazing culture where money isn’t the motivating force. A culture where people are learning and excited to work there, where you work around their schedules, and where you’re a little more flexible with them if they need flexibility. Have a culture where your employees are proud to be a part of it.

Final Thoughts:

While I want you to focus on keeping your employees there as long as possible, I also want you to accept the fact that turnover is a reality.

Focus more on finding employees and getting them up to speed as fast as possible, and as cheaply/inexpensively as possible.

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