Make those who are near happy and those who are far will come. – Chinese Proverb

I have to admit to seeing this quote on the wall at Panda Express, and I love seeing it every time we go back. It fills my heart with such joy. To me there is no better quote to release on Christmas Day because I think it has two meanings (one personal and one business):

  1. The holidays can be hard because we are not always able to see the family and friends we want to be with. But don’t forget to take in the moment and experience joy with those you are with on such a beautiful holiday.
  2. Restaurant owners tend spend a lot of time in their office focused on holiday marketing and trying to bring more customers in and in turn wind up ignoring those already in the restaurant. Don’t forget to make those who are near happy!

There is a great quote from Keith Cunningham, one of my favorite business coaches, that says, “If every customer you ever had was still a customer, you would not have time to worry about marketing.” Don’t be afraid to go out of your way to delight customers in your dining room NOW – make them happy. Focus on what’s in front of you!

Action Step:

There is not much more I can say here, just make sure that those who are near are happy and those who are far will come, exactly as the proverb states it.



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