Restaurant Owner And Operator Goals

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Today we are going to talk about setting restaurant owner and operator goals so you can crush it in 2019!

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Today we are going to talk about setting restaurant owner and operator goals. The first thing to know about goals is you have to create a MAP (Massive Action Plan).

Let’s think about flying an airplane. When an airplane takes off they burn about 40% of their fuel before they even get to cruising altitude. So on a flight from LA to New York, an airplane will burn about 40% of its fuel in the first 10 or 15 minutes of that flight. Once it gets up to cruising altitude – flying is easy.

This is just like reaching your goals. Once you’ve reached your goal it’s easy to keep going with it, but you need a massive action plan to get that goal started. I see this all the time – people who tell me what they want, they say it out loud, they’re very clear on their goal, and then they do one LITTLE thing next week. A week later and they are done trying to reach that goal. So I have to ask again, what is your MASSIVE action plan for your goal?

The second thing you need to know is that ideas are 40% of the equation, execution is the other 80. You’ve heard me say it before and yes that’s 120% because that’s what it takes to achieve a goal.  But in order to achieve the goal we actually have to finish it. This takes execution! Some of you are coming up with great ideas, some have a list a mile long of great ideas, and some of you are living your great idea. However, if we don’t execute on those ideas over and over again we’re not going to reach our goals. So focus on execution!

The third thing to know is that I want you to stay committed to that goal. Don’t be like a feather blowing in the wind be like a rock that doesn’t move. When you decide on a goal, create a massive action plan, and stay committed to that plan. If you change your goal three weeks later, you’re never going to reach the end or finish anything.  

The last thing I want to talk about here is learning and growing. I try to read about 10 to 12 business or personal development books a year. I also try to attend one to two seminars a year that will help me either in my industry or with personal development. I’m always focusing on learning and growing.

When I say attending seminars I don’t mean going to the National Restaurant Show, walking around, tasting a bunch of food, talking to some equipment manufacturers and maybe attending a 45-minute breakout session. I’m talking about a course – like a three to four day business mastery course, or a course on marketing or restaurant operations.

That’s going to spark your goals, that’s going to spark your ideas, and that’s going to spark your execution. It’s going to help you create a massive action plan but you always have to be learning and growing. The last thing I want to say about this is “I have a coach and a mentor why don’t you?”

All great athletes, musicians, actors, and business minds have had coaches or mentors at some point. Go out and seek someone to help you achieve your goals. It’s hard to do it alone but that’s exactly what a coach or a mentor is there for.

I want you to crush it in 2019. Nothing is going to be more important than you setting goals, putting together a massive action plan, staying committed, and continually investing in yourself.

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