Make It Happen in YOUR Restaurant

Make It Happen in YOUR Restaurant

In today’s video, I’m practicing what I preach! You’ve heard me talk a lot about “chunking it down” lately. Well, I recently put it to the test…and it WORKS!

Writing a book has been a goal of mine since I started The Restaurant Boss over 10 years ago. But just the thought of writing a book paralyzed me. That was until I decided to take a lesson from my own playbook and chunk down the parts and pieces that needed to get done. About 4 months later, I had my first draft ready to turn into my editors. If I had not done this and approached the “write a book” task differently, I’m sure I wouldn’t be making this video today!


Must See Video Highlights:

  • 1:37 – Chunking things down will fix (almost) everything!
  • 2:32 – Even customer service can be “chunked” down.
  • 3:39 – My calendar didn’t say “Write a book”…why?
  • 5:00 – Put the right tools in place
  • 6:00 – My big, surprise announcement


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