How to Manage a Restaurant: What Your Day SHOULD Look Like

All of you restaurant managers, GMs, DMs, RMs, owners & operators out there or anybody wanting to work these positions… Do you know what to do and when to do it?

I get this question a lot… “What are my duties as a restaurant manager (GM, DM, RM)?”

You’re probably not going to be surprised at my answer (you have to watch the video to get it), but here’s a hint… it has a lot to do with creating systems, processes, and procedures that help you manage your team and restaurant so you can spend more time working on the business vs. in the business.

Must See Video Highlights:

1:25: What should your manager be doing?
2:03 – Urgent vs Important tasks
2:25 – Read this business book NOW > The 4 Disciplines of Execution
4:30 – How do you prioritize urgent vs important tasks?
5:08 – It comes down to performing an INSPECTION
6:18 – Daily Checklists help with this!
8:17 – Manage Systems, Develop People!
10:20 – What are you doing when the floor isn’t busy?
10:30: Inspection > Important tasks > Urgent tasks


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