Are you forging your own path or are you finding yourself following the herd?

I get it – it’s definitely easier to follow another’s lead. You don’t have to think; it’s all done for you. Just follow the lighted path, so to speak. But, is this the lazy way out? You bet! In this scenario, where are you inserting your thoughts, your desires, your ideas, your creativity?

In today’s social media driven world, it’s very easy to cave to pressure to conform. But, I caution you! You don’t want to be like someone else – you want to be yourself!

Let’s look at it this way… you want to open a burger joint. Do you copy the very successful In-n-Out? Absolutely not! You can never be another In-n-Out and you definitely won’t outshine them. So find your own path. Find what makes you unique. Find your competitive advantage!

I also encourage you to think about opposite directions.  Is it better to buy stocks when everybody is buying, or when everybody is selling?  Is it better to buy a house when everybody is buying, or when everybody is selling… ah ha!  Maybe doing the same thing everybody else is doing, is NOT your path to different results.

Action Step:

I highly recommend taking 10 minutes and watching my two videos on finding your competitive advantage. I think you will be surprised at what this really means. Watch video 1 and video 2. Then let us know what your competitive advantage is or is going to be.



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