Are New Ideas Killing Your Restaurant?

Are all of the new ideas swirling in your head actually doing more harm than good for your restaurant? You might be suffering from Bright Shiny Object Syndrome (BSOS) and it’s not only killing your productivity, but it’s killing your restaurant, too.

Let’s face it—we all have a bit of BSOS at times. Brilliant new ideas are just more fun to work on! But, as a result, the less-exciting tasks and projects we are already struggling with are neglected or completely shoved aside. And this is what can kill your restaurant./

Must See Video Highlights:

0:53 – Bright Shiny Object Syndrome (BSOS)
1:43 – New ideas killing your business?
2:25 – Time to get laser focused!
3:23 – 3 steps for setting and completing goals
4:20 – Getting back on right path


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