Food Cost Formula: How to Calculate Food Cost MY Way

Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about food cost — FAQs, the formulas to use, and my ridiculously simple way of calculating food cost!

If somebody tells you what your food cost should be without looking at your financials in detail, you need to fire them! Food cost is a very individual number that is specific to YOUR restaurant. That’s why I love teaching my method of food costing…it keeps things simple, gives you an accurate picture, and helps you make more money!

Must See Video Highlights:

0:24 – The craziest question ever?!!!!
0:55 – My oldest and most popular video ever!!
1:55 – The difference between food cost and plate cost
2:45 – My ridiculously simple formula for calculating Food Cost.
3:25 – How to calculate food cost using inventory (I have more to say about this below).
4:40 – Now, let’s apply this to plate cost.
5:15 – Why I absolutely HATE taking restaurant inventory.
5:45 – An easier way to do all of this!
6:30 – You don’t need fancy tools for calculating plate cost.
7:15 – Costing out your menu so you make enough money.


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