Do you look at life like the glass is half full, or half empty? When you walk around thinking about all the things you don’t have, you, my friend, are going to end up with a life full of wishing and dreaming.

What you think affects what you say and what you do and other people pick up on that. I’m sure you can think of at least one person who’s a “Debbie Downer” – it’s difficult to be around them and not something you’re drawn to.

It can be a tough one to follow through on, especially if things don’t always pan out the way you’d like them to. You might find yourself starting with simple things like, I’m grateful for my family, or I’m grateful for my staff. The more you do this, the more gratitude you’ll find.

Action STEP:

As we come into the season of thanks and giving, now would be a great time to start a new daily ritual – write down 5 things that you have in your life right now that you are thankful for.



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