I’m not always a fan of upselling.  Wait, what?  You’ve trained your servers on upselling your guests to order dessert, but have you trained them to know when NOT to do that?  

Let’s say you have a 2 hour wait for a table.  If there’s a table of 4 who just finished dinner and want to order dessert, they might order 1 or 2 dessert to share between themselves adding only $14-$15 dollars to the check.  They’re also going to be sitting there for another 30 minutes while they finish up.  Without ordering dessert, you can seat the next table quicker.  

While we don’t want to ever rush our guests out of the restaurants, we do want to selectively upsell.  You’ll want to train your servers to know when they should really push that dessert and when they should offer it but don’t try to sell it hard.

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