A Peek Inside My Restaurant

Y’all always ask if I walk the walk, so today I am giving you an inside peek into a restaurant that I was a partner in. Tell me what you think!

A few years ago, I took this quick video one morning to show you how we organized our restaurant, opened it up, and closed it down daily. For some reason, I edited it but never published it. So for the first time ever, here is a peek inside my restaurant.

Here are a few video highlights:

  • 0:40 – A really cool coke machine
  • 1:42 – Speed up your opening procedures
  • 2:21 – YUM – 12 hour BBQ brisket ready to serve
  • 3:00 – Save money with Key Item Inventory
  • 3:08 – What is a BEO?
  • 3:27 – Our secret recipes
  • 3:38 – Let’s look at the beer