I am one of the few people who actually loves meetings and thinks they are extraordinarily important and effective, if done properly. You may not agree, but you are probably currently going to that are totally ineffective and a complete waste of your time. Then,you are curious why people on your staff are not doing what you “expect of them…

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If you are a restaurant owner or operator and you’re frustrated because your meetings are taking too long, wasting too much time and you’re not getting the results you want, then you are going to love today’s video!

My name is Ryan Gromfin and I’m an author, speaker, chef, restaurateur and the founder or, as well as

Today, we are going to talk about how to run an effective meeting in your restaurant.

Yes it’s true! I am one of the few people who actually loves meetings and thinks they are extraordinarily important and extraordinarily effective. Chances are you are sort of “sold out” on the idea of meetings. You are probably having too many meetings, or going to too many meetings that are totally ineffective and a complete waste of your time. But then you are having trouble getting information shared across the entire restaurant and all of your staff.

Two types of Restaurants

I find two types of restaurants when I work with them as one-on-one clients or visit their restaurants.  Restaurants that have an enormous amount of meetings – they actually have meetings to plan ‘other meetings’. And then I work with restaurants that generally have no meetings at all, they’re frantic, they’re running around like chickens with their heads cut off. They are busy! So they don’t have time for meetings or  they don’t really believe in meetings.

Well the funny thing is, the restaurants that have tons of meetings and the restaurants that have no meetings still end up with the same results, which is the ineffective transfer of information and vision.  Which is really the purpose of the meeting.

The purpose of a meeting is to effectively transfer information and vision from one person to many, so everybody gets on the same page quickly.

4 P’s of A Perfect Meeting

This total lack of effectiveness comes down to four things that I call – the 4 P’s of a Perfect meeting. Those four P’s are: preparation, performance, pace and post. Let me explain to you.


One of the biggest challenges is that most people don’t come to meetings prepared themselves as the hosts.  They also don’t expect their staff members or managers to come prepared. So before you have any meeting, send out a meeting agenda to your whole team at least 24 hours in advance. And make sure they understand the importance of showing up on time. And being prepared with any information that you are requesting of them, to be shared in that meeting. Also, your meeting should also carry a similar agenda from meeting to meeting. That way, they can get used to the flow of the meeting.

So for example, one of the meetings that I love, that most restaurants don’t have is a weekly marketing meeting. And in that meeting, you should follow the same pace; the same flow of information, from start to finish of that meeting. Meaning, we’re going to review performance. Which is the second step.


“How did our last marketing go? What efforts are working? What efforts aren’t? What adjustments are we going to make?” So different members of your team need to come in with data to support their arguments. Rather than just opinions. The third part is pace.


Meetings should move fast. They are not slow, lazy, let’s just share some information and see how things are going, to catch up on your kids and everything. That’s done in a different time!

Group meetings need to move quickly. Someone needs to be in charge of this meeting and set the pace. There’s a definitive start time and a definitive end time. But if you finish with all of your agenda before the end time, that meeting’s over. Move on, you got other stuff to do. So somebody needs to be the task master in this meeting. Meaning – “Ok. next… performance. Next. How’s this going? Next. How’s that going?” And keep the pace moving.

The last part is probably confusing to people. It’s post.


Meaning, what is going on after the meeting. Having meetings are a great, quick way to share information from one person to the whole team, to get the vision across, to share what’s’ going well, what’s not going well,  where we need improvement. But there needs to be follow-up.  Unfortunately, a lot of times we set task, we set agendas, we set goals in these meetings, and then we wait until the next meeting to check in.  Then people come and say, “Oh, I didn’t have a chance to get to that. Or I had a question and I did not know how to do it.” That’s where follow-up comes in.

Two Forms of Follow-Up 

Immediate Follow Up

I suggest two forms of follow up for whoever’s in charge of that meeting or the department head of that meeting. Which is instantly right after the meeting, to send either minutes or to send individual notes, or even one group email to everyone who was there. Clearly defining what was covered in the meeting; what goals were set, what task items were assigned to each person, and what deadlines are assigned to that person.

Secondary Follow Up

Then I suggest, halfway between the meeting ending and the next meeting. Sending another message to those same people asking “How are things going?” to “Do you need anything?”

“The purpose is to get results. Not to get someone in trouble for not accomplishing their task.  The way to get results is with follow-up.”

So if you remember the 4 P’s for a perfect restaurant meeting.

  • Preparation
  • Performance
  • Pace
  • Post

You are going to love meetings as much as I do. You are going to find them extremely effective and worth the amount of time.

Your Next Step

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