I hear it all the time…”I can’t find good staff” or “my staff are all idiots”.  I get it, staffing is one of the most difficult parts of any hospitality business, especially restaurants.  Yet there are many restaurants that don’t have these issues.  What are they doing differently, well quite simply they are hiring the smile!

What does that mean, hire the smile.

Well it means that first and most importantly they are hiring people that have IT.  

It being the want and desire to serve others, hospitality.  Then they look at skill set.  There are many many talented people out there who can do the various jobs you need from delivering food to customers, cooking and even managing a staff, but if they don’t have IT, don’t continue the interview.

[bctt tweet=”In the restaurant business, you can avoid a lot of your staff issues when you hire the smile.” via=”no”]



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