Is your restaurant doing this the right way?

Is your restaurant doing this the right way?

Just like the PB & J, the order of things is not generally not optional. So why do you focus on the most important part of a restaurant’s success ….last?
Does it really matter if you have perfect finances and squeeze every penny out of every customer that walks in if you only have 10 customers a day? In the video, I told you what I believe the first thing any restaurant should focus on because when that’s sorted, everything else is easier and more successful.

Must See Video Highlights:

  • 0:36 – What does making a PB & J sandwich have to do with your restaurant?
  • 1:33 – Fix this biggest priority in your restaurant first
  • 2:02 – One way even your best marketing can fail
  • 2:46 – What order do you need to work on things in your restaurant?
  • 3:07 – The 3 Key Areas in your business
  • 3:32 – The 9 Restaurant Accelerators
  • 4:19 – This week’s big question

Link to my 9 Restaurant Accelerators Training:


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