Lower your Prime Cost by 25% like these restaurant owners!

How do you get out of the weeds? 1)You know when to ask for help. 2) You lower Prime Cost by 25% in less than a year like these two awesome ladies did.

Michelle and Mariah Savage started out as what I call “hobbyists”. They had a passion for food and a passion for serving people. What they didn’t have was the operations know how to successfully run a restaurant. How did they turn things around? Watch today’s video to find out!

A few video highlights:

  • 2:02 – Just say NO to taking inventory!
  • 4:05 – Don’t use a P&L to control restaurant costs!
  • 5:10 – Create a MAP (massive action plan)
  • 6:00 – Prime Cost was 85-90% OUCH!
  • 7:00 – Using BACON, their year to date Prime Cost is 57%!
  • 8:15 – They aren’t crazy (or running crazy) anymore!
  • 9:33 – On the outside they looked successful. On the inside they were crumbling.
  • 10:44 – What is Prime Cost?
  • 12:03 – BACON has changed the way they do business

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