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If you or an employee feel stuck at a certain level of success it may be a due to something known as the Peter Principle. In this week’s video I will talk to you about this principle and how you can overcome it.

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I’m gonna teach you how to break through the restaurant owners glass ceiling or something that you feel is preventing you from the level of success you demand and deserve.

Let me explain to you what the restaurant owners glass ceiling is. In the 1950s a gentleman by the name of Laurence Peter wrote that “Managers rise to their own level of incompetence”, this later became known as the Peter Principle.

A case of the Peter Principle:

A lot of times in big corporate companies and even in small companies people continually get promoted but over time their skills haven’t advanced at the same speed that they’re being promoted, eventually they’re in a position where there’s no more advancement possible. They’re likely not doing a good enough job in their current position and end up feeling very overwhelmed which leads to them leaving, getting terminated or pushed out.

In kitchens we see this a lot, we see a dishwasher become a prep cook, then a line cook, a junior sous chef, sous chef and then eventually the chef of a restaurant. But over that 10 or 15 year progression of becoming a chef, they’ve been promoted because the person above them left and they were the next candidate in line. Not always, but a lot of times they weren’t necessarily promoted because of their advancement in skills, knowledge about management and accounting as well as their cooking.

What ends up happening with a restaurant owner is the same thing, we progress as an owner and we get to this point where our business is doing well but it’s being stopped – it’s this glass ceiling or our own level of incompetence. Think of it as “We’re only as good as we know”. In order to break through this glass ceiling, if you want to take it to the next level in your restaurant/business you’re gonna have to acquire new skills.

Final Thoughts

I highly encourage you to never stop learning. Read books, attend seminars and challenge yourself. Push yourself not just in food or the restaurant but also in business, accounting and marketing. Personal development is one of the things I am most passionate about, hire a coach and find mentors.  if you’re interested I’m here to help and depending on my availability coach restaurant owners to break through and increase profits.

A coach will push you to the limits, don’t Peter Principle yourself, go and break through that ceiling.

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