“If you ignore the urgent, it will kill you today. If you ignore the important it will kill you tomorrow.” – Sean Covey

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There’s a huge difference between something that is “urgent” and something that is “important”.

We are constantly getting caught up in the urgent things that have to get done, and something has to give. It’s the reason why you look back on your life and wonder why you’re not further ahead. People aren’t where they want to be because they’re too busy being busy.

What happens when these 2 things collide? Well, urgent is always going to win. It’s just the way we’re wired.

Knowing the difference between urgent and important is a first step. The important work is what actually moves you from where you are to where you want to be.

Sometimes we choose to do the urgent work because we think that the more we accomplish, the more successful we’ll be. The problem with that is that busy-work isn’t always something that will move you along the path. But it sure does feel good to check off a bunch of things on a list.

Action Item:

Whether your calendar is online or a piece of paper on your desk, make sure it’s something that you can easily see and access throughout the day. Absolutely everything goes onto this calendar but make sure that you have 20% of your time dedicated to the things that are IMPORTANT (that move you to where you want to be). The other 80% of the work can be anything that is day-to-day tasks, the “grind” or urgent items that come up.

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