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When you believe in something and raise your standards you are just one step away from achieving anything. Now you just need to plan it and take massive action!

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If you feel stuck like you’re not getting the results that you want in your restaurant, sometimes you get motivated but you don’t follow through on that over the long term in your restaurant. I’m gonna bring you tip number three on how to get that long-term motivation to get the results that you want in your restaurant.

This video is about something I learned from Tony Robbins called a massive action plan because step 1 in keeping motivated was we have to believe we can do it and I told some great stories about belief and stories that you can tell your staff when you feel they don’t believe that it can be done and Step 2 we talked about raising your standards.

Step 3 is about putting together a massive action plan because anything that you want in your restaurant, in life or a business takes a lot of action up front. The way that we do these massive action plans or MAP as Tony Robbins calls them is through a program called RPM(Results Purpose Method).

  1. Step one in the RPM plan is Result. What result do you want out of this massive action plan? A lot of times clients tell me “I need more tools/systems in my restaurant”. But what are those systems gonna do? What’s the result? Is it increased profit, to put more butts in your seats, is it increasing your per person average by one dollar or get 20 new customers to come into our restaurant next month? We can’t put together the plan until we know the result you want. So get clear on your result, not the tools you want to get there.
  2. Next is the Purpose or the ‘Why?’. Tony Robbins often says that if the ‘Why?’ is strong enough the ‘How’ doesn’t matter. What’s your ‘Why?’,  why does this matter, why is this so important and if your ‘Why?’ does not nearly bring you to tears then you won’t get up in the morning and do the massive work that you need to do. Your ‘Why?’ needs to be strong.
  3. Method. What’s the tool/s you’re gonna use to get there. Is it a checklist, a prep sheet, a new loyalty program or Facebook advertising? What’s the tool you’re gonna use to get to your intended result.

The most important part about a massive action plan is you can only do one at a time. When we fire a shotgun, hundreds of pellets and buckshots sprays out, but if we take the energy from a light bulb and focus all that energy into a laser we could cut through steel.  I hope you enjoyed this three-part video series on motivation and I hope you have an absolutely wonderful week.

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