This week’s quote piggy backs onto last week’s quote in that you have to focus on what you are doing.

I know you are thinking again, well, duh Ryan. But hang with me here and let me explain to you what I mean. Answer this question honestly: are you always looking for success? If you answer is yes, then maybe you are looking in the wrong place, but I highly doubt that. Or maybe you are spending too much time looking for success? In either of those scenarios, you are not focusing on getting to your end game. You will never reach success because If you are constantly looking for the next great thing or next great idea, it’s going to pass you by.

Now, if you answered “no,” then give yourself a pat on the back. Chances are you are have a solid plan for reaching your goal, and are laser-focused on checking off the steps needed to reach that goal.

So for the rest of you, it’s time to keep your head down and get to work. No more one day, some day. In the words of Nike, “Just do it!”

Action Step:

I want you to get out a pen and piece of paper. Or you could start a Word or Google doc for you less old-fashioned types. 🙂

Now, I want you to write down ONE thing you want to accomplish this month. Then I want you to write down one step you are going to take each week of the month that will help you accomplish that goal.

The point is to keep moving towards your goal. Do not deviate or jump down rabbit holes. Keep yourself honest with checklists and share your goal with somebody who will help you stay accountable.



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