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I’ve got a secret tip for achieving greatness in your restaurant.  Coaches and mentorship.  No matter how good you are at anything – you need to have someone in your corner to bounce your ideas off of or keep pushing you to achieve greater things.  Check out the video above to see why I think it’s so important.

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If you want to explode sales and profits, give you the freedom and joy that you deserve in life then you’re in the right place.  Today’s video shows you the #1 tool you should be using in your restaurant right now.

Hey everybody my name is Ryan Gromfin. I’m an author, speaker, chef, and restaurateur. And I’m the founder of as well as

Are you ready for this? Get out a piece of paper. Get a pencil. If you’re typing, take notes… here you go, it’s gonna happen fast!

The number 1 tool you could be using right now is COACHING.

And by coaching, I mean seeking out help, advice, mentorship.  Now coaching can come in the form of reading a book, an online course, group mentorship, or it could be one-on-one. It could be in a live setting at a seminar or virtually (I coach a lot of clients virtually), it could be live in your restaurant.

No matter what road you take, I cannot stress the importance of having a great coach. Maybe you need a business coach in your life – someone who knows the restaurant business specifically and can help you with specific restaurant challenges.

Maybe you need a marketing coach because that’s where you’re struggling. Maybe you need a financial coach, a life coach, a time management coach.  There is the right coach out there for whatever you’re struggling with.

Succeeding today in business is harder than it’s ever been – I know every generation is going to say that. I know 50 years from now someone might be watching this video and I’m going, “Man was it easy then!”  I hope business continues to grow and evolve, but the point is as it continues to grow and evolve, it’s getting harder and harder and harder. You need someone to help you through these struggles. You need a coach.

All I have to do is look at the best athletes in the world and every single one of them have a coach.  In baseball they have at least 5 coaches on their team, and most of them have a private pitching and hitting coaches. Look at football. You’ve got an offensive coach and defensive coach, a special teams coach, a quarterback coach, and then they have private trainers which are also coaches.

There’s a reason they’re competing at the highest levels because they’re seeking out the help and the advice, the mentorship, and the accountability of a coach.

I do offer restaurant specific coaching services. If it’s something you’re interested in, there’s a form below this video that you can fill out and we can discuss possibly putting you into one of my group coaching classes, do some 1:1 virtual coaching, going through one of my online training programs or even having me come out to your restaurant.   

Whether you work with me or someone else – just find a coach.  It’s the top piece of advice I can give you to explode your business, help you reach your dreams, eliminate the stress, the struggle, and the overwhelming feeling in your life and in your business. and find that freedom and that joy that you deserve.

Until next week this is Ryan Gromfin with The Restaurant Boss as well as Restaurant Profit And Performance. Have a wonderful day.

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