Arthur W. Jones is an organizational design expert who worked for Proctor & Gamble in the UK. He is often quoted in articles, white papers, and talks written on the subject. His most often used quote is the subject of today’s blog post.

“All organizations are perfectly designed to get the results they get.”

What does this mean? According to Mr. Jones, there is a direct link between the components of a design and the results. Meaning that a business’ systems and processes are designed to produce a specific result. So if you are seeing a 3% profit return, but really want a 10% profit return, you are going to have to redesign your systems.

In other words, garbage in = garbage out!

As a restaurant owner/operator, this quote should be printed, framed and put on your wall so you can see it daily. If you aren’t seeing the results you want, then it’s time to make strategic, sound changes. I like to say, “MAKE AS MANY MISTAKES AS YOU WANT, JUST NEVER MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE TWICE.”

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Action Step:

Start simple. Try taking an Owner Activity Inventory and see where you have inefficiencies with your time or your restaurant’s time. Make adjustments and see productivity soar!

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