My Best Piece of Business Advice for Restaurant Owners

My Best Piece of Business Advice for Restaurant Owners

Now more than ever, if you aren’t going the extra mile to make your customers feel appreciated and part of the “family”, they are going to take their business elsewhere. Here’s my #1 tip for getting (and keeping) more customers!

How would you like to have all the customers you could ever want? It might sound like a pipe dream but if you follow this week’s restaurant marketing tip, you won’t have time to worry about marketing … or worry about finding more customers.

Must See Video Highlights:

0:36 – The best restaurant & business advice I’ve ever been given
1:30 – My favorite way to get people into your restaurant (and it’s a big bang for your buck!)
1:50 – What you can do to make your guests feel special.
3:00 – This restaurant went over and above in the WOW factor!
3:50 – Do this and your guests will be back over and over again.
4:25 – Why do loyalty reward programs work?


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