Restaurant Fair Wage Service Fees: The Restaurant Boss Response

Never one to shy away from controversial subjects, today I’m sharing my opinion on whether restaurants should counter increasing food and labor costs with a service fee or by simply increasing prices. What do you think I’ll say?

Last week, I shared the story of a Durham, NC restaurant that was forced to implement a 20% fair wage service fee to their checks by a grassroots organization. Many people asked what my opinion on this is and if I thought they should have just raised prices instead. Today, I am sharing my thoughts on how restaurants should counter the rising food and labor costs, as well as the staffing shortage that’s hit so hard.

Must See Video Highlights:

1:40: It’s the business owners responsibility to pay a fair wage
2:39: Are businesses squeezing profits with lower wages?
3:30: Trolls – stay away!
4:50: Add more value; get paid more.
6:00: Gig economy is providing more opportunity
7:30: Amazon’s changed their mission: be a better employer
8:20: My mission: improve the lives of all who serve in the restaurant industry
9:10: COVID gave people a reason to leave…and they aren’t coming back
10:30: Restaurants must manage systems and develop people
12:00: In-n-Out does it right!
13:05: Taxi’s didn’t change. Uber now rules!
16:00: The world’s changing fast – are you?
17:00: Give your employees and your guests what they need
18:10: Here’s the key to getting long lines at your restaurant


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