Restaurant Fair Wage Service Fees: are they in your future?

Should restaurants add a living wage service fee to their checks or just raise prices? It’s a HOT topic that’s very controversial and extremely interesting.

A restaurant in Durham, North Carolina was recently shamed for not being a “fair living wage” restaurant by a local organization. Should they have caved to the pressure? Watch today’s video to get the whole story and then let me know what you think!

Must See Video Highlights:

1:30: Who is responsible for setting “living wages”?
2:25: Big cities are already at $15/hr
2:50: Tip credits / tip pools > who owns the tip?
3:30: Legality of who owns tips
4:30: Pizzeria Toro’s implements a living wage service fee
5:00: See one of their actual receipts
6:00: FoH reaction vs BoH reaction
6:45: Consumers don’t want their hand forced
7:50: Durham Living Wage Project > a bunch of Karens or doing good?
9:15: Only 18 restaurants (out of how many hundreds in Durham?) are Living Wage Project certified!
10:00: So why not just raise prices? Ask Seattle what happened!


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