Restaurant Owners Book Report:
The Culture Code

In today’s ever-changing and highly-competitive labor market, building a culture of success, collaboration, and respect is one of the most important things you can do to hire and retain the best team members.

I’m excited to share Daniel Coyle’s book, The Culture Code, with you! It’s going to help with the staffing challenges owners, operators, and managers are facing right now in their restaurants.

In the book, Coyle shares the 3 keys to building a great culture and strong team in the workplace. If you implement these 3 things in your restaurant, not only will you exceed your business goals but you will build greater job satisfaction and have less employee turnover within your organization as well.


Must See Video Highlights:

  • 1:00: Two must-read book suggestions that will change your restaurant!
  • 2:05 – 3 keys to building a winning culture in your business
  • 3:25 – Don’t worry about being perfect
  • 4:40 – Clear the path to success for your team
  • 6:60 – How to shorten the learning curve

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