6 Things You Must Have in Your Restaurant in 2022

If you want to kick but in 2022, here are 6 things you are going to need to have in your restaurant!

Here are 6 things that I have seen through working with my clients that are going to be the tipping point to success in your restaurant for 2022. They are in no particular order, but hey, it’s only 6 so let’s make it happen!

Must See Video Highlights:

1:20 – Is your restaurant Instagrammable?
2:20 – The days of advertising as we know it are almost gone.
3:20 – If you don’t have online ordering yet….why are you waiting?
3:38 – Tableside ordering (or pre-ordering) and payment are up and coming!
5:15 – Great financial control of food and labor costs are a must!
6:30 – Customer feedback automation is crucially important – don’t wait for the online review.
8:00 – Simplify, simplify, simplify
8:30 – Watch for our emails and register for our 2022 State of the Restaurant Industry Address


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