Restaurant Recipe Costing
(the easy way!)

Recipe costing tools claim to make recipe costing easier for you. But do they really? Watch today’s video to find out why I don’t think they do and what you can do to make this task easier.

This video might spark a little controversy, and believe me, I’m ready for it! Much like inventory, I don’t believe the average restaurant owner or operator needs to spend much time on recipe costing. There are many more valuable ways you could be spending your time that have a stronger effect on your top line growth (and that’s where the money’s at folks!).

Must See Video Highlights:

1:10 – Software tools are cool but they really don’t make recipe costing any easier.
1:40 – One thing to watch out for when looking at these tools
2:40 – Guests only care about what they have to pay so what’s the point?
4:20 – Why you’re not getting a perfect recipe cost anyway
5:15 – An 11 unit restaurant prioritized “fancy tools” over actual numbers.
6:50 – What most restaurants SHOULD be doing instead.
7:40 – The kind of restaurant that should consider high-end recipe costing software
8:15 – Quickly figure out your CoGS.
10:00 – Stop going down the rabbit hole of “perfect software”
12:00 – Be a topline type of guy/gal.
12:25 – A better way to cost out your menu items using supply and demand