Why I Hate Restaurant Franchises

There are many things you’ve heard me say over and over again including, I HATE franchising! But I’ve never explained why…until today.

Okay, hate might be a strong word. But I do have some very strong opinions against franchising on both the franchisee and franchisor sides. I often get asked why and I have never publicly answered the question…until today. I can’t wait to see what you think about today’s video!


1:10 – The idea is actually pretty brilliant.
2:00 – My personal client experiences with franchise owners
3:00 – A few reasons why I hate franchising as a franchisee
4:22 – The restaurant business isn’t a side hustle!
5:30 – Why the franchisor has very little incentive to actually help you succeed.
6:30 – Franchisors generally suck at restaurant operations.
7:30 – Why I hate franchising from a franchisor perspective
8:20 – You will only hear the negatives from your franchisees.
9:37 – You better be good (no, great) at creating systems and procedures if you’re going to be a franchisor.
10:12 – True story – a year of his life, half a million down the drain because a franchisor didn’t pull their weight.
11:30 – This happens too many times when someone decides to become a franchisor.


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