Setting Goals for Your Restaurant in 2022 (and beyond)

If you haven’t set goals for your restaurant in 2022 yet, today’s video is for you!

Goal setting is one of those things that most people think about doing but never quite get around to doing. Or if they do they set lofty, fluffy goals.

There is a science to setting goals and it’s one of the most important things you can do to ensure that you are staying on the right path to achieving the success you desire. Today, I’m sharing my ridiculously simple method for setting meaning, actionable, and achievable goals for 2022 (and beyond).

Must See Video Highlights:

1:40: First step: What’s your end game?
3:30: Chunk it down (aaahhh…you’ve heard this before!)
4:00: Your theme for 2022?
5:30: Does the theme get you closer to your end game?
6:30: Chuck it down again into sprints
8:00: My 90-Day Planner
9:15: Remember this formula: From X to Y by Z


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