What if I told you one of my top 5 ways to increase restaurant profits and sales, is to sell less!  That’s right sell less…

In order to understand this, first lets look at one way of selling more, up selling!

           Would you like to add guacamole to your tacos?

            The large soda is only .50 cents extra?

This works great when the option is something or something, but what if the option is something or nothing?

When a guest is offered dessert, they either want it or they don’t?  Most of the time if they don’t want dessert it is either because of the cost, or the calories.  So you are left with something or nothing.

What if you could get something, maybe not a lot but something!

By simply offering a very small (lower calorie) option for a minimal amount of money over comes both of the previous objections to dessert.

This is called a down sell.  Try this the next a guest declines dessert.

If the items on the menu are too large, maybe a couple tiny little homemade chocolate chip cookies will cure that sweet tooth without adding too much to the waistline.  They are a special recipe our chef created and are baked fresh daily with 3 to an order for just $2.00.

It may not seem like a lot of money, but if you get an extra $2.00 from 10 tables a day, that is $7,300 in added sales at the end of year.

Train your staff to down sell on appetizers and at the bar for thousands of dollars a year in increased sales!


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